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What is mold?

There are hundreds of different types of molds. They show up in many different colors and shades, most often as black mold. They are living organisms that grow naturally, particularly in warm, damp, humid conditions such as a basement and attic where there is little air movement. Often called “mildew,” molds are related to mushrooms and yeast, but are much smaller.  We can only see or smell mold when there is a large quantity. Here in Michigan, indoor mold can grow almost anywhere: on carpets, ceilings, walls or furniture. Water leaks, spills from bathtubs or showers, or condensation, can cause mold to grow in your house. Toxic mold like stachybotrys mold produces mold “spores,” tiny particles that float through the air. These can cause indoor air quality and health problems. Mold can affect people differently when mold is breathed or inhaled. Some allergic reactions to mold are watery eyes, runny or stuffed noses, itching, headaches, and may have difficulty breathing. Some molds are toxic that may be hazardous if people are exposed to large amounts of these molds.


 If your Michigan home is experiencing house mold, basement mold, attic mold, black mold or mold symptoms as described, call to schedule a mold inspection or for mold testing recommendation.


How We Test

Mold testing is noninvasive. Your Integrity Mold Inspector will  inspect for apparent toxic house mold symptoms and confirm by sampling the indoor air quality & surface contact swabs/tape lifts or cartridge sampling. We provide a mold inspection report with photos, lab results, and recommendation for mold remediation, mold clean up or mold removal if required.  Turn around time for indoor air test or indoor mold test is 24 hours after the Lab completes the analysis.